The Impact of Erotic Literature on Society and Individuals

Erotic literature, often referred to as “erotica,” has been a part of human culture for centuries. From ancient Greek texts to modern-day romance novels with steamy scenes, erotica has evolved and adapted to various societies and their values. However, it remains a controversial and often misunderstood genre. This article will explore the impact of erotic literature on society and individuals, highlighting its potential benefits and drawbacks.

First, it is essential to understand what erotic literature is. At its core, erotica is a literary work that explores sexual desire and intimacy. It differs from pornography in its focus on emotional connection, character development, and storytelling, porn videos often using sexual encounters to further the narrative and deepen the reader’s understanding of the characters.

One of the primary benefits of erotic literature is its ability to foster sexual exploration and education. By providing a safe and consensual space for individuals to explore their fantasies and desires, erotica can help people better understand their sexuality and improve their relationships. Additionally, well-written erotica can promote healthy attitudes towards sex, consent, and communication, which are crucial in today’s society.

Erotic literature can also be a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery. Many readers find that engaging with erotica allows them to tap into their emotions, desires, and needs, helping them develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships. Furthermore, reading erotica can be a cathartic experience, providing a release of tension and stress, and even serving as a form of self-care.

However, it is important to acknowledge the potential drawbacks of erotic literature. Like any form of media, erotica can be consumed in excess, leading to unhealthy habits and a skewed perspective on sexuality. Additionally, some erotica may contain harmful stereotypes, perpetuating negative attitudes towards marginalized communities. It is crucial for readers to approach erotica with a critical eye, seeking out works that promote healthy attitudes and diverse perspectives.

In conclusion, erotic literature has the potential to impact society and individuals in various ways. By fostering sexual exploration, education, and personal growth, erotica can serve as a valuable tool for self-discovery and relationship-building. However, it is essential to approach erotica with a critical eye, ensuring that the works consumed promote healthy attitudes and diverse perspectives. Ultimately, the impact of erotic literature is shaped by the consumer’s attitudes and values, making it a deeply personal and subjective experience.

How To Get Free Backlinks Using Facebook Groups

While everyone has the ability to outreach sites and ask for a link, I felt that I need to find a more efficient method to reach out to better sites that don’t get +50 requests for guest posts on a daily basis.

I have nothing against that method, in fact, I’ve been using it for over 5 years and still do but I need to point out that the site quality isn’t like it was before and the sites are now charging an arm and a leg for a link.

So without any further ado, I’ll explain in short steps how I have been able to get free guest posts (80% of the time) that are highly relevant to my niche.

1) Find a niche Facebook group

For example –

Facebook Keto

Facebook Sleep

Facebook Dating

Facebook Anxiety & Stress

Facebook Crypto

You should only join groups that are very active and that are sharing blogs here and there. I remember back in the day when I had my WordPress blog I managed to get a lot of free guest posts on niche-related sites and also free traffic by sharing my posts in that Facebook group which also helped with rankings because of the post receiving real visitors. Keep in mind that these days Google is evaluating even more User Signals.

Here is proof that I am not talking BS

This screenshot was captured while writing this post. 

2) Be well known in the group – Most of the groups you’ll try to join will ask if you’re just looking to join to promote your stuff. They do that because they are very suspicious of guys like us and want to keep the group non-promotional stuff. I know that from my personal experience as I’ve got banned from more than 8 Facebook groups promoting from the beginning. That’s why first you should interact with other members and provide some value here and there. Believe me, it will be worth it.

3) Reach out to the admin – This highly depends from a Facebook group to group. If you already see that other members are requiring guest posts, then this step is not a must. However, if the group is not highly focused on guest posts, then you definitively should contact the admin and let him know exactly what you will be posting.

4) Post your requirement about guest post – Your focus here should be to get the attention of the group from your post. Collect some articles that were already viral within the niche. I use Buzzsumo to find viral articles, you can use whatever tool that shows that the article has been shared on Social Platforms. I’m also upfront that I want an attribution link.

I always make sure that the content I share with them is well-written and contains multiple images. Most of the time they share the post within the group and to their social accounts.

Wait for people to comment requesting more info.

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Best Places To Promote Your Website/StartUp

This is a list of sites where you can share your blog/website and get a backlink from powerful domains. Most of the sites are free but there are some paid ones as well.

Keep in mind that this is not the average list you find on Google. The list doesn’t consist of garbage sites, but well-maintained ones where you can find well-funded startups being shared.

share discover GIF


Local Link Building Tactic That You Can Use For Affiliate Sites

For many clients, you may encounter that a corresponding blogosphere does not exist to get links from. Eg: A signboard maker. You won’t find sites fully dedicated to signboards.

Yes, you can get links from blogs that talk about promoting your business, branding, etc but you will only get page-level relevance, not domain-level relevance.

What can you do in this case?

Well, a strategy I use is to guest post at sites of the same businesses in other cities. This works wonders because sign board makers in other cities are not competitors of your client hence do not hesitate in accepting your guest posts.

Mind you – most businesses don’t know what a guest post is so you will have to position it as “collaboration”

  • So just Search for – intitle:Business type + “other city” in google and scrape the results.
  • Get a list of results for at least 10 cities and send them an outreach email.

This strategy never fails to work. I have scored hundreds of relevant links this way for clients where there is no passionate blogosphere in the niche.

Finding Internal Link Opportunities

Finding Internal Link Opportunities

As the size of your website expands, it can be difficult to keep track of where you’ve already placed internal links, what pages are the strongest/most relevant options, and where the best places to drop a new link might be.

Things We’ll Need (any of these)

Finding Topical Internal Link Opportunities

Often, we find ourselves looking to improve the ranking of a particular page by making sure we’ve added internal links to all the most relevant pages. There are two ways we go about doing this, one with a WordPress plugin, and the other by using Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

Topical Links Using WordPress + WP ALL Export

For large WordPress sites,  WP All Export has become my go-to tool for keeping track of pages, and internal link opportunities. It provides an easy to use interface and enables easy exporting to an excel file.

Hop into WP All Export, and pick if you want to export posts or pages (we’re using pages in this example) and hit “Customize Export File”

On the next screen, you can drag and drop the options that you want to export. I use the following list:

That will give the title of the page, its URL, the focus keyword I set in Yoast, which page template it’s using, and the content of the page.

After hitting Continue, you’ll just need to hit “Confirm & Run Export” on the next page. Once it runs, you can pick your file type and download it.

Topical Links Using Screaming Frog SEO Spider

If the site isn’t WordPress based, or the $99 price tag for All Export is outside the available budget, Screaming Frog SEO Spider is another great option. In order to get out content out to an excel doc, we will utilize the Custom Extraction options in Screaming Frog.

The first thing we’ll need is the div that contains all the post content. If we right-click in Chrome and hit Inspect, we’ll be able to check each div until we find the one we want. As we select them in the code preview, the corresponding section will be highlighted:

In this case, the div we want is named “inner-post-entry”.

Right-clicking on that div in the code preview will give us a few options, we want to select “Copy selector” under the Copy option:

This just placed the CSS selector for that div onto the clipboard. It is..

#post-1675 > > div

Now, we’ve got a small issue – the selector specifies a post ID. (Thanks, WordPress.) Thankfully, it’s an easy fix – we just remove that section: > div

The simple explanation is that this will tell Screaming Frog to extract the content from the first div that appears within the div “post-entry”.

Now we want to fire up Screaming Frog and go to Configuration > Custom > Extraction and use the following selections:

We want to use CSS Path, and then paste in the selector we just nailed down. We give it a name (I went with “Body Content” here since… it’s the body content.) and pick “Extract Inner HTML” from the drop-down. Hit ok, and let the crawl rip.

We’ll end up with the report below:

We can export that to an Excel doc, and we’ve got something similar to what a WP All Export would provide.

Working with the Excel Doc

Once we have an Excel document with the pages and URLs, be it from Screaming Frog or WP All Export, we can use filters to see what we’ve got as options. Let’s say for example we want to get more internal links to:

Using custom filters, we can find what pages do *not* contain the URL we want to promote (so, the page doesn’t link to our target already) but also contains the word “allergies”.

The results will be just the pages where we don’t have a link dropped already but are likely good topical matches since it’s already talking about allergies. We can use other related keywords to find even more potential pages that can be a good fit for a link.

Finding the Strongest Internal Link Opportunities

Sometimes, we’re less concerned with finding the most relevant pages to add an internal link, and more looking for the strongest pages that can help drive raw authority to our target. We use two different options to tackle this. DeepCrawl allows us to find the strongest pages on the site via their DeepRank metric (an approximation of the original PageRank.) Along with the strongest pages based on all our internal links, we’ll also use aHrefs to uncover the strongest pages on the site based on all-out inbound links.

Strongest Internal Links Using DeepCrawl

When looking for the strongest pages based on the internal linking structure of a site, DeepCrawl is a really efficient option. After crawling your site, just head to the “All Pages” report under Summary in the main nav.

You’ll already have a list of all the pages on the site, and the default sort is DeepRank. You can read more on DeepRank here, but the high level explanation is that the approximate Google’s original PageRank of each page, based solely on the internal link structure of the site. Intentionally or not, these are where you’re flowing most of your authority.

Strongest Internal Links Using aHrefs

Aside from the strongest pages based on internal links, we also want to leverage the strongest pages on the site based on inbound links as well. If we have a few linkable assets that have attracted some high-quality links, we want to make sure our money pages are only a click away. Thankfully, aHrefs makes quick work of finding the top pages.


Using as an example, we want to select the Pages > Best by Links report in the left side menu.



Then you’ll likely need to do a little filtering to remove any redirects, etc that ahrefs may have picked up by selecting Status: 200. You can also filter to specific keywords here as well.



Now you’ve got only the working pages, sorted by the aHrefs URL Rating (similar to Moz’s Page Authority, it’s intended to correlate well with ranking ability).


If I was looking to really juice up a money page, these would be the top pages for an internal link:

How To Reduce The Risk From Guest Posts Campaigns?

Guest posting was and is one of the most used to acquire backlinks to increase your rankings. However, many do it wrong and even after spending ton of $$$ they barely see any increase on rankings.

That’s why I decided to create this post and show you the criteria stuff you should know while doing your guest posting campaign.

Reducing risk starts with the sites you pick.

Not using

  • sponsorship tags
  • guest post tags
  • not picking sites that only accept all paid posts
  • not picking sites that have crazy OBL,
  • write for us tag
  • huge downward trend ie 50+ percent traffic drop.
  1. Anchor text distribution we like to mix it up and use anchors like branded, brand plus generic, longer-form anchors, click here. I remember a Google search quality employee tweeted years ago to make the anchors “look like you are not doing SEO”.
  2. I think the risk is also the type of page you build links to example are you linking to an info content piece or a money page. It’s so easy to look non-natural with money links.
    Another thing we always do with info content looks at who’s already ranking top 5 and pick natural anchors from the pages.

We have some clients who are very aggressive in competitive verticals 200 plus links acquired per month don’t have issues. But they already have good link velocity and have a good number of RD in the profile.

That said it seems Google is devaluing a lot of low-quality sites these days.

If you desire lower risk links look into resource page links as a first option. In my eyes, they are lower risk and one of the safest options.

Google could be looking at the “industry average” for a specific vertical. If your competitors are all getting 20 links a month and you acquire 200 it’s a vertical spike.

  • Links that send traffic and are niche relevant are always going to be the best type of link to acquire.
  • The last patent would allude to using safe anchor text such as the ones mentioned.

PR is always good to help diversify the link profile. Yeah, it’s always good to have a healthy ratio of branded anchors in some spaces we aim for 90% branded. Exacts are a very small amount of profile. You can also do a NewsWire for a release yet focus on the quality ones is my advice.

Dafont Sans Serif Fonts

Things You Must Know Before You Do Link Building

When doing link building there are many questions that flow up on your mind like should we use the same site to link us twice? What kind of anchor text should we use?

I decided to make a post and answer some of the most important things you should know.

To that end… when building links to your/clients’/employer’s web properties, how do you feel about the following:

  1. Referring Domain (RD) diversity, i.e. never a repeat backlink from the same RD? Or, a different page on the same RD is a-okay forever and ever? Or… somewhere in between 2-3 repeats is okay, but you believe in a “law of diminishing returns”?
  2. What are your most preferred metrics in evaluating sites to secure backlinks from? TF, CF, DR, DA, PR, Ahrefs est. traffic, GA traffic, rankings analysis… or?
  3. With respect to your backlinks’ anchor text, what is the ratio of branded anchors: keyworded anchors: naked URLs?
  4. Also with respect to your backlinks’ destination URLs, what is the ratio of home page: money page: pillar content: other?
  5. With regards to niche relevancy, do you believe a referring domain must be relevant to your site, or you will earn a penalty? Or, do you care more about the referring *page*’s relevancy? Or, neither? Or, both?


  1. RD Diversity – Probably highly important. Chances are, it’s one of the things I went into a campaign looking for, especially with a paid vendor. The big annoyance with vendors is it feels like theft if someone has an author account (or another way to reliably post within a few days.) It seems like a month isn’t going to hit the link goal… then magically 3 links appear in the last week, all on repeat sites
  2. Traffic est from aHrefs or SEMRush – it’s basically a snapshot at how their rankings have been doing. There are so many DR40 domains selling links that get like 300 visits a month. If the site actually had the trust that DR was looking to model, it would have way more than 10 visits a day. Traffic – and traffic trend – above all else. (Trend-wise – I am super not interested in a link from a site that’s lost 70% of the est traffic it was getting. You’re tanking, bro – a link from you isn’t going to help me.)
  3. I do heavy branded – something like 50%, and then a good chunk of generics, and then longer phrases that contain my term – so ‘great dog food options’ not ‘dog food’
  4. Overall – something like 30-40% home and then everything else mixed. But if I’m working with a specific vendor they may be just a piece of the puzzle and I want only links to money pages from them, etc.
  5. Ideally, it would be a relevant + strong domain, the next best is a relevant page on a strong domain, and then a lower authority but relevant domain. Everything else is a distant second.  Stuff like roundups on a high DR domain but no connection to the topic of the site getting the link may be good at pumping DR/DA/etc SEO-stats and not much else)

How do you use images in a way that doesn’t break Amazon TOS?

I use this plugin–it pulls images right from the API, which is what you’re supposed to do, I’m pretty sure:

Most tend to gamble, here. I will say the situation I referenced in another thread where a site got the warning about unclear linking and removing PrettyLinks fixed it?

That same site had use images saved from amazon: product pages and got through the review fine. It seems like a CYA thing that Amazon doesn’t care much about unless/until a seller complains.

That said the AAWP plugin will let you use data fields as well – so you can use it to drop in just an image and be TOS compliant:

Should You Go After 500-1k Monthly Search Volume Terms?

call you out basketball wives GIF by VH1

So, is it a viable strategy to go after those 500 to 1k monthly search volume terms?

You don’t need a ton of volume to do well with ‘best’ terms.
Ex from an :amazon: site I’m looking at now:
Feb Users (GA): 7,541
Feb :amazon: Clicks: 4,751 (63% CTR)
Feb :amazon: Conv: 3.77% (179 ordered items)
Feb :amazon: Earnings: $399.91
Feb $/User: ~$0.05
So 100 visits a day = $5/day site, 200 = $10/day, etc
Worth noting the stuff the site’s promoting is way out of season right now.

Here’s a bit of potential “golden” advice (which, some might not share quite so freely)…

Don’t necessarily build on ideas for specific products or niches, but rather use-cases & problem-solving.

So, rather than a site about Widgets, you would instead, have a site that shows people how to use Widgets to accomplish various tasks, how to protect their interests, improve their lives, how to make money, etc.

This same principle goes for domain name selection as well – choose domain names that speak to the end-users problem rather than the specific product/niche (of course, it’s great if it includes a keyword or two).

If you’re not inspired by the use-cases, and can’t think of how to develop robust content around those issues, then it’s probably a “pass.”

Next Level Link Building Content Examples

Hey everyone, I thought I’d start a thread that showcases some good examples of content that has earned a bunch of backlinks. I’ve listed out the URL of the content, the number of backlinks (by domain), some notable links and then a quick reason why I believe it has done well.
You can use this as a source of inspiration for thinking about the assets that you might build out yourself. And if you have any other examples that you think are really strong, just drop them as a single reply in this thread using the same format as me
Hope this is useful

Title: Is Fortnite becoming a relationship wrecker?
Linking Domains: 616
Links From:: Bloomberg, Quartz, CNET, CNBC, plus many more.
Why it Earns Links: Very timely, provocative, and easy for publications to create stories around.

Title: London: Under the Microscope
Linking Domains: 57
Links From:: The Guardian, London Metropolitan University, ITV, BBC, + more.
Why it Earns Links: Highly emotional/shocking, original data, regionally focused.

Title: Become our official spa-ologist and professional hot-tubber this summer
Linking Domains: 42
Links From:: The Sun, Fox News, Metro, The Irish Post, + more.
Why it Earns Links: it’s a job listing purely created to earn links/coverage – I put this in the ‘too good to be true’ bucket that triggers a lot of people to share and discuss (covers the perfect range of emotions). It’s also regional, which makes it easier to pitch local news outlets.

Title: You Can Now Get Paid To Be A Yorkshire Pudding Taster
NOTE: this is one of the pieces of coverage that this link asset got, not the link asset itself (it’s just easier to explain with this). Similar to the above, this is a job listing built for coverage/links. It was done by Airtasker, where you could become a “Yorkshire Pudding Taster” (if you don’t know what this is, you’re both not British enough and absolutely missing out). Airtasker has now 301d the listing, but what I love about this is that they hosting the job application on Airtasker, so you had to sign up for an Airtasker account to apply, creating new user signups as well as links – genius. This is the original listing URL:
Linking Domains: 33
Links From:: Marie Claire, Lad Bible, OK! Magazine, Pretty52, + more.
Why it Earns Links: It’s another emotion-fueled, highly shareable piece that makes for a great headline with very little effort on the journalist’s side.

Title: Shy Bladder? Plumbworld Launches the Privi-Pee Cape
Linking Domains: 39
Links From:: HuffPo, Maxim, Metro (and was also discussed on US national tv news).
Why it Earns Links: it’s a fake product that’s just about believable. It sounds utterly ridiculous but is just within the realm of possible that it makes for a funny and quick headline for a journalist. This is all about how easy it is to cover it. They also made it look as legitimate as possible, while keeping lighthearted still.

Title: Pokemon Go App Downloads and Revenue
Linking Domains: 215
Links From:: Android Authority, The Next Web, Games Radar, CNET, + more.
Why it Earns Links: collates ‘real-time’ data, was launched very timely around the hype of Pokemon Go, it provides a great way for a journalist to write a headline from without needing to do a lot.

Title: From Millions to Billions
Linking Domains: 133
Links From:: CNBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, + more.
Why it Earns Links: Provocative, data-backed with great design, and it’s easy for a journalist to reference it in a story (in particular as it pits one person against another).

Title: New sloth arrives at Folly Farm
Linking Domains: 48
Links From:: Boston 25 News, Cheezburger, + more.
Why it Earns Links: highly shareable and may for a regional outlet to pick up the story and run a piece on it.

Title: How a Handgun Works
Linking Domains: 257
Links From:: Gizmodo, Wikipedia, + more
Why it Earns Links: at the time it was a unique way of presenting the content and was highly shareable. You won’t get news pickup, but it will easily get into highly relevant, topical publications.

Title: The American Idea of Success
Linking Domains: 74
Links From:: CNN, Fox, Entrepreneur, + more.
Why it Earns Links: credible brand, unique data, regional spilt – all makes this very easy for a publication to create a story around it.

Title: Instagram, Drugs, Rock & Roll
Linking Domains: 107
Links From:: Vice, The Daily Beast, Billboard & more.
Why it Earns Links: for the time it was a unique content format, it was unique data (even though it was collated), and pits a number of festivals against each other that also have a controversial angle that will get pickup and be easy to create catchy headlines to.

Title: An Analysis of the Florida Man
Linking Domains: 24
Links From:: NPR, University of Florida, Miami Herald.
Why it Earns Links: timely and has a strong regional angle to it, making it perfect for local news outlets.