May 19, 2021

How To Get Free Backlinks Using Facebook Groups

While everyone has the ability to outreach sites and ask for a link, I felt that I need to find a more efficient method to reach out to better sites that don't get +50 requests for guest posts on a daily basis.

I have nothing against that method, in fact, I've been using it for over 5 years and still do but I need to point out that the site quality isn't like it was before and the sites are now charging an arm and a leg for a link.

So without any further ado, I'll explain in short steps how I have been able to get free guest posts (80% of the time) that are highly relevant to my niche.

1) Find a niche Facebook group

For example -

Facebook Keto

Facebook Sleep

Facebook Dating

Facebook Anxiety & Stress

Facebook Crypto

You should only join groups that are very active and that are sharing blogs here and there. I remember back in the day when I had my WordPress blog I managed to get a lot of free guest posts on niche-related sites and also free traffic by sharing my posts in that Facebook group which also helped with rankings because of the post receiving real visitors. Keep in mind that these days Google is evaluating even more User Signals.

Here is proof that I am not talking BS

This screenshot was captured while writing this post. 

2) Be well known in the group - Most of the groups you'll try to join will ask if you're just looking to join to promote your stuff. They do that because they are very suspicious of guys like us and want to keep the group non-promotional stuff. I know that from my personal experience as I've got banned from more than 8 Facebook groups promoting from the beginning. That's why first you should interact with other members and provide some value here and there. Believe me, it will be worth it.

3) Reach out to the admin - This highly depends from a Facebook group to group. If you already see that other members are requiring guest posts, then this step is not a must. However, if the group is not highly focused on guest posts, then you definitively should contact the admin and let him know exactly what you will be posting.

4) Post your requirement about guest post - Your focus here should be to get the attention of the group from your post. Collect some articles that were already viral within the niche. I use Buzzsumo to find viral articles, you can use whatever tool that shows that the article has been shared on Social Platforms. I'm also upfront that I want an attribution link.

I always make sure that the content I share with them is well-written and contains multiple images. Most of the time they share the post within the group and to their social accounts.

Wait for people to comment requesting more info.

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