May 9, 2021

How To Reduce The Risk From Guest Posts Campaigns?

Guest posting was and is one of the most used to acquire backlinks to increase your rankings. However, many do it wrong and even after spending ton of $$$ they barely see any increase on rankings.

That's why I decided to create this post and show you the criteria stuff you should know while doing your guest posting campaign.

Reducing risk starts with the sites you pick.

Not using

  • sponsorship tags
  • guest post tags
  • not picking sites that only accept all paid posts
  • not picking sites that have crazy OBL,
  • write for us tag
  • huge downward trend ie 50+ percent traffic drop.
  1. Anchor text distribution we like to mix it up and use anchors like branded, brand plus generic, longer-form anchors, click here. I remember a Google search quality employee tweeted years ago to make the anchors “look like you are not doing SEO”.
  2. I think the risk is also the type of page you build links to example are you linking to an info content piece or a money page. It’s so easy to look non-natural with money links.
    Another thing we always do with info content looks at who’s already ranking top 5 and pick natural anchors from the pages.

We have some clients who are very aggressive in competitive verticals 200 plus links acquired per month don’t have issues. But they already have good link velocity and have a good number of RD in the profile.

That said it seems Google is devaluing a lot of low-quality sites these days.

If you desire lower risk links look into resource page links as a first option. In my eyes, they are lower risk and one of the safest options.

Google could be looking at the “industry average” for a specific vertical. If your competitors are all getting 20 links a month and you acquire 200 it’s a vertical spike.

  • Links that send traffic and are niche relevant are always going to be the best type of link to acquire.
  • The last patent would allude to using safe anchor text such as the ones mentioned.

PR is always good to help diversify the link profile. Yeah, it’s always good to have a healthy ratio of branded anchors in some spaces we aim for 90% branded. Exacts are a very small amount of profile. You can also do a NewsWire for a release yet focus on the quality ones is my advice.

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