(Mostly) Automated Broken Backlink Prospecting

What you’ll need: A broken link that has many links to it. The more the better, though technically this will work at any scale. 

  1. Take your link, plug it into Ahrefs Site Explorer. Set it to “URL Only.” Navigate to Backlinks. 
  2. Filter by RecentLive, English (I assume), DoFollow
  3. Export to Excel
  4. Open up the CSV
  5. Filter by DR >= 20 (or other value, up to you)
  6. Copy and paste those results into a Google Sheet
  7. Delete columns so you just have Referring Page URL, Referring Page Title, and Link URL (the broken link URL)
  8. Add columns for Our Link, First Name, Last Name, Root Domain
  9. In Root Domain, paste this formula and extend it to all rows:
  10. Now download the page as a CSV, delete everything but the Referring Page URL, and create an MTurk task to find the First Name and Last Name for each article. I set the task at $.10 and got 400 done in about 30 minutes. You can also use URL profiler Content Analysis- Readability function which can extract author names before sending to url  to MTurk  
  11. Once you have the First Name and Last Name data, paste it into your Google sheet. Now you should have URL, Title, Broken Link, First Name, Last Name, and Root Domain. Add another column called Company.
  12. Add the Hunter.io Google Sheets add-on. Then use the Addon to populate all the emails. 
  13. Tada! You should have a ton of emails you can reach out to directly to get the broken link fixed to your link. 
  14. Want more? Take all the URLs that MTurk didn’t get First/Last names for and plug them into Hunter and look for Editorial or Info email addresses. Never hurts to try. 

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