Why You Shouldn’t Use SEO Group Buys

I know many people use Group Buys as I see many discussions asking about it.

I was one of them till recently when I found out that even other users of the group buy can find your niches.

I knew that the admins of the group buy were able to do that, but I had no idea that even other users can do it.

Probably you think that you are saving some bucks, but actually, you don’t realize that you’re losing.

-You make your niche more competitive, which means you have to spend more on backlinks.
-You get much less income (even if you rank on the first page of Google) because you have to share with your new competitors.

I just figured out that when I saw new competitors popping out to a golden niche that I have found.

TL;DR: Don’t fucking dare to join group buys as in the long run you will spend more rather than saving.

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