10 Lessons learned from sending more than 10K outreach emails

Never use whois info to grab contact info. People often use personal email and dont like to be contacted at that address. I made this mistake and was labelled as a creep by a female blogger. I know girls can be a bit more paranoid than necessary but its better to avoid this.
Invest in an outreach tool – When you will be doing outreach over a period time, inevitably you will reach out to some of the same blogger more than once. Without an outreach tool you won’t realize this and will keep introducing yourself in each new email which is kinda awkward.
Don’t be over the top – I like to be cheesy but unfortunately humor does not convey very well via email. You humor can be termed as rudeness/creepiness by the recipient so its better to not be over the top. Being a little fun is fine though.
Always validate your emails – If you are just starting out with outreach, you might not know that you need to verify the emails with a tool to make sure they really exist. Sending emails to invalid emails can affect your deliverability rate.
Leverage the assets you already have – Linkbuilding is about providing value. Just because you wrote a personalized email to someone does not mean someone will link to you. Either you content needs to be ground breaking, if its not, people will either need money. If you dont have money, you can leverage the assets you already have. Like offering give away a free account of your tool or sharing their site to your social media following.
Don’t give generic compliments – ” I am a huge fan of your work, I find your website to be really beneficial” People can sense fake compliments from a mile away. People hate being manipulated. if you dont have anything specific to say then dont say anything but dont give generic fake compliments.
Always show your face – Bloggers receive dozens of outreach emails a day. Most with fake personas. So its better to show your face and build trust.
Follow up or die – Like I said before, blogger receive dozens of outreach emails a day. They dont have time to respond to each. So you gotta follow up multiple times to get their attention.
Dont write perfect emails – Having impeccable grammar, perfect capitalization all gives the feel of a marketing email. Make deliberate mistakes like extra spacing, missing capitalization etc to make it look natural.
Dont be like everyone else in their inbox – Use a different font than the default font.

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