How To Find which post will be placed on the Featured Snippet (Using Google Queries)

You probably are aware of the featured snippets on SERPs and that they get most of the traffic.

Here is a cool trick to find out which site is on the line to get the featured snippet.

Let’s take for example this search query (Seo techniques) for the sake of this forum.

We can see that holds the featured snippet also the first position. However, you probably know that it is common where a domain that is not ranked on the #1 spot holds the featured snippet.

Now if we search on Google with this query “seo techniques”

We are seeing that (I know, I know) holds the featured snippet.

I’ve tried this with different search queries and it works perfectly.

I know that sometime before neilpatel hold this featured snippet and now it does, but that can happen anytime soon as it is the second on the line after

Hope it helps, and you will be finding your domain waiting to grab the featured snippet

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