Personal Review On WordPress SEO Plugins

So I’ve been testing out a variety of different WordPress SEO plugins. If you’re new to WP SEO, you won’t go wrong with choosing Yoast WordPress SEO. But if you’re fed up with their ongoing journey to completely take over your WordPress dashboard or still pissed about their attachments I’ve been looking at alternatives
1, All in One SEO (free/paid)
Offers a lot of options for a free plugin – it’s lighter than Yoast and doesn’t want to take over my Admin screen. Does what you’d expect robotst.txt, canonicals, sitemaps. Bonus for free WooCommerce integration. Sadly need to upgrade to Pro if you want to get access to SEO options for taxonomies
2. The SEO Framework (free)
Bloat free, one big list of options no messing around. Free support for WooCommerce and bbPress. Really impressed so far –
3. Rank Math (paid)
Really good migration options to migrate from Yoast – the main issue so far is handling of taxonomies can only choose to index/noindex Categories and Tags – not categories or tags. If this was fixed It would be a bigger step towards me recommending this to more advanced SEO

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