How We Did Link Building on SEO Niche

Did a linkbuilding campaign for a client in the toughest niche IMO: SEO
He has a free KW research tool.
Now you know how difficult it is these to pitch someone and say please include our tool in your list because its free. SEOs dont usually give a shit. They know the value of links so usually ask for money or just flat out ignore your pitch.
So I had to figure out how to provide value.
I scraped a shit load of articles which had “SEO tools” or “Keyword research tools” in the title.
Next I Made my VA go through all these pages and look for broken tools.
after finding some broken tools, we extracted the backlinks to these tools and made a mega list of prospects.
Next we popped the list into hunter and got the emails.
Then we ran the prospects through a email cleaning tool ( in my case. We removed all the “invalid” and “guess” emails and just kept the “valid” emails. You should do this too because “guess” emails usually have a 40% bounce rate.
Next I made my VA take a screenshot of all the broken links and paste the image URL into the corresponding cells.
and then we sent the emails. Out of the 500 odd emails we sent, we got 10 solid links including a link from (DR 81)

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