Creating Tools To Get A Ton Of Free Links

One of the most highly linkable assets in digital marketing is “Tools” Bloggers creating “Free Tools” blog posts and “Everything You Need To Do XYZ” love to link to tools such as “Privacy Policy Generators” and/or “SaaS MRR Calculators” — I’m pretty confident (research underway) that this is the case even outside of the wonderful world of digital marketing.

What’s a tool? Tools are typically an interactive experience that helps your audience do or learn something specific. A few examples:

> Email Signature Generator
> Privacy Policy Generator
> SaaS Metric Calculator
> Blog Idea Generators
> Invoice Generator
> SEO Checkers

But it’s not always easy to come up with these ideas

One of our favorite techniques is to use reverse engineering to figure out what tools will work best for our audience. A great way to do this is to leverage a site like Product Hunt where tons of Free Calculators & other types of tools are shared daily. You type in “Calculator” or “Generator” in the search and will be met with a plethora of ideas:

You can do the same thing for “Generators”:
Don’t get me wrong. Creating these types of assets often takes time and to really knock it out of the park you’ll want to invest in quality design & development in addition to a great copywriter. But if you do this right — It can pay massive dividends.

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