Lightbulb moment for getting backlinks from your direct competitors

I was listening to an email outreach podcast & have a lightbulb moment for getting backlinks from your direct competitors…

Go to a scraping tool like Screaming Frog or Sitebulb, scrape your competitor’s site & search for dead 404 backlinks, if the domain name is unregistered, buy it & rewrite the content the page had previously (which can be found on the wayback machine’s archive), then you find old whois data & use the same name servers as the old website had, you then internally link to your money page or alternatively you can go the other route and 301 the URL to a relevant page on your website.

Any thoughts if you think this linkbuilding strategy has legs & is viable in 2019?

The theory behind it is great. It’s what the crawlers in stuff like this are built to do – you give it a seed list of sites and it goes crawling (domcop has something very similar).

These generally resurface fully expired domains though – so they went through auction and didn’t get picked up. Odds are the link from the competitor is the only worthwhile link it has (or close to it) or someone would have scooped it up at auction.

Relevancy is the key here. It works as long as its done right.

Takes a ton of work and precautions to be on the safe side. Do it one at a time on long tail keywords for your money site.

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