How to Sell SEO Over the Phone

When we get on the phone with a prospect. We shut the hell up.

When I speak to a prospect, I ask them to tell me about their business and what they feel they need help with.

I’m learning about them and understanding their pain points, then addressing those pain points.

Prospects reach out because they have specific problems they want fixed. Often, they might only see a fraction of the problems they have.

To bring those to light, I’ll share my screen and show them some quick finds.

Often, these can be:

  • Glaring on-site SEO issues
  • Fiverr type link building
  • Duplicate content issues

The conversation shifts into how they like to work with an agency, deliverables, budget, etc.

This is where I talk about how and why we work in sprints. I’ve yet to come across a prospect that was against our approach.

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