[Get FREE SEO SpreadSheet] – Find Low CTR Pages From Your Site – 99$ Worth

This is a spreadsheet that will show your pages that are already ranking and the CTR they’re getting from Google.

It can be very beneficial as you might already rank for a search phrase but you’re not getting the whole traffic that is available because of your Title or your meta description.

Here’s how to use the sheet:

1. Export your ranking and CTR data from GSC with the help of search analytics for sheets plugin
2. Text to columns and paste to the ‘Data’ worksheet
3. Set what you believe to be the best Benchmark CTR figures in the ‘Instructions’ sheet. Actual CTR numbers are compared to these, and keywords with lower CTR than the benchmark CTR for its position are marked as ‘Low CTR’
4. Smash the ‘Analyze CTR’ button to run the macro

Example :



Just make a copy of the template then import your GSC data in the 2 tabs marked in red using the “search analytics for sheets plugin”

P.s to get the addon you need to go on Add-ons > Get add-ons and search for


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