What is the best rank tracking software on the market?

SERPWoo – tracking overall SERPs/markets. I don’t try to use this for tracking a bit list of specific keywords for my site, though you could do that
Accuranker – my specific list of terms I’m interested in – piped into GDS for quick views of head terms/overall trends.
aHrefs – more a backup. The rank tracking comes with the plan so… why not.
Serprobot.com is surprising even if it may be fugly, but it works and goes beyond top100 also it’s supercheap. 5$/300kws.

Isn’t pretty to watch, but if you’re testing out new batch or want the lay of the land, it is surprisingly good for the price.

There is also nothing too fancy like serp features etc. all that mumbo jumbo.

But you can also point it to competitor and see how their doing quite quickly. May not work for day to day long term professional check. But for shoestring budget and quick checks unbeatable

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