Link Building

There are a ton of link building guides over there. However, only a few of them are worth reading and the rest is just pure bullshit written just for the sake of having an article on link building. Without providing any value at all, but just copying methods from all over the internet.

I decided to do a different approach with this link building guide and many more that are coming. Writing about link building, for the sake of teaching you something, without having to add 1000 BS extra words just to reach the word count.

No nonsense long articles about SEO. Straight to the point and well-formatted articles that you have never read before.

What is Link Building?

Links are the only reason why Google stepped up and became the first search engine back in the day. Links are still the most important part of the algorithm when it comes to ranking your website in Google. We can get into more details and explain the history and importance of link building but that would be useless and time-consumable for both of us (me, and you the reader).


Hand-picked resources where you can learn more about Link Building



All you need to know from this part of the article: Despite late rumors that link building has been devalued by Google’s algorithm you should still know that link building is still the most important process of ranking your site.  Just do a simple analysis of different niches, and you could still see that the top rankings websites also have the richest backlink profile.

Anchor Text

You can apply the best strategies of link building, invest a ton of money in white-hat guest posts links, get featured on the major magazine such as HuffPost, Forbes, Entrepreneur, create or buy the best PBN and you still can’t rank if your Anchor Text Strategy is shit. That’s how important Anchor Text is when it comes to link building.

Here is a pure example of that – + cant rank website

My personal anchor text method

Geasy BHW
geasy BHW
geasy bhw

Where To Point The Backlinks

Internal Linking

Link Building Methods