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How To Create A Wikipedia Page For a Company or Celebrity

  1. Your brand has to be notable and well known.
  2. The “notability criteria are somewhat in the grey area. Nobody knows the exact meaning.
  3. You must have citations and mentions in industry-leading publications. Just having your brand mentioned in Forbes is not enough.
  4. You cannot create the listing yourself.
  5. You cannot create full profiles too quickly.
  6. You have to do this slowly, and sometimes it can take years to build a profile.
  7. Work with a bunch of editors to build the profile. You do it too quickly, you lose.
  8. Be prepared to defend your claims and profile. Admins will come hard at you, and you better have good sources to back up your claims.
  9. Absolutely no sales or promotional type of content. It will get you an instant ban.
  10. If you pay someone to do this, expect to get that person’s account investigated. (Likely get caught)
  11. You cant fool Wiki contributors. Not in a million years.
  12. If it fails don’t try again unless you have a good reason. In fact I suggest you take a good look at the brand before even attempting,

How does one find/ get introduced to an editor, and then several editors?

That’s the hard part my friend. A good system is to get a bunch of people to create accounts and start editing other entries.

Build up the reputation slowly before creating the profile.

A good technique is to have several people complete the profile.

This is not bulletproof without good sources/citations.

I can’t stress this enough. I’m an admin and I see people doing all kind of stupid things. We can trace the entire account

My recommendation would be to wait until the brand has enough recognition and visibility. Just don’t rush things. It’s the biggest red flag.

Trick: become an editor for wikipedia. I signed up a year ago and contribute regularly now (a couple submissions everyday. I spend about 10-20 minutes).

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