Content Writing

One of the most sold writing services on BHW for over 4 years with no negative reviews. 

How The Service Works?

The minimum of articles to order is 10. The total cost of the articles sums up to 70$. Which makes the price for an article down to 7$ per 1000 words. 

Seems irresistible, right? So what's the catch? 

There's no catch lol, only that you will get articles for 7$ that elsewhere are sold for 25$ or even more. 

The only bad side of the service is that the articles are limited and many niches are not available anymore like: cooking, garden, law, music, home improvement... 

To see if your niche is available you can PM me on BHW, Skype&email me at or contact via the site form

Why bother having informational articles?


Site Relevance 

Having informational content boosts your site authority within the niche. You can see that top ranking affiliate sites do not have only content for money keywords, but they also pour a lot of money on informational articles.

Higher Organic Rankings

Potentially ranking higher on conversion keywords because the user has you in their search history. So if a user searches on Google for a money page keyword, your website will show up first.

Not A Blatant Affiliate Site

Yes, Google devalues affiliate sites that have content only for money page keywords. In order for your site to pass that quality check from Google, it should also contain information content and how to guides that help users in your niche. This type of content also helps your site by being a linkable asset. 

Organic Traffic Generation

Your money pages will only rank for so many keywords, and your organic traffic is tied to the number of keywords you have ranked on the first page.
Info content gives you another opportunity to reach your target audience and attract them to your site.