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Awesome Email Outreach Templates That Are Yours To Steal

Infographic Outreach Template

Hi {name},

I hope everything is going well on your end :slightly_smiling_face:

I am NAME, and I’m on the content team at .

I was checking out some of your articles at {OUTREACH TARGET} today and found pretty good stuff you have written about {SOMETHING}. I absolutely love that resource and definitely going to share few articles of yours on my social media channel as well.

My colleague {NAME} recently put together a pretty comprehensive piece on “{INFOGRAPHIC NAME}”. There is a ton of information out there on project management. Our infographic was designed to cut through the noise a bit. You can check this out at {LINK}

It’s an up to date and comprehensive information on the above topic I believe (also appreciate your valuable feedback on the topic). You may can consider adding the infographic to your blog (I can also write a short intro to go along with it if you’d like?).

I believe it can be a good fit at {TARGET URL}

Thanks for your time and I’ll see you around!


Hi {name},

My name is Geasy and I’m reaching out because I’m an avid reader of your work on {something they write about}. I just followed you on Twitter, and I saw your tweet on {that same topic}.

I am producing an infographic on a simiar topic and would love to get a {quote/opinion} from you. We are also getting {quotes/opinions} from a few folks like {influencer1 – ideally someone the target follows on twitter}, {influncer2 – ideally someone the target follows on twitter}.

Let me know if you’re interested, and I can send you more info and the copy of the infographics to take a look before it gets published.


Link Building Outreach​

Hi {Name}

Firstly, I wanted to say what a great read your post was {url}

I’m actually the main editor over at {SITE NAME} ({SITE URL}) so your post was of particular interest to me as we’ve just recently released an epic guide on the {GUIDE NAME}

While reading your article, I noticed you were linking to a few resources on the same topic as our post. Their posts are also great resources, though I would say ours is even more comprehensive and up to date.
Bottom line, I think a link to our article would make a great addition to your post.

This is our article: {GUIDE URL}

Let me know if you like the idea?

Position SITE

Hi {Name}

Hope you’re well! I wanted to reach out because I noticed your website links to this great article about {Topic}:{URL To WHICH THE PAGE IS LINKING}, over on this page: {URL TARGET}

We also loved that piece – and it inspired us to write our own guide. It’s called {ARTICLE TOPIC} and offers actionable steps to {what the text is about}.

I would love to hear your feedback – and I’d be even happier if you considered adding it to a future or existing article!


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Lightbulb moment for getting backlinks from your direct competitors

I was listening to an email outreach podcast & have a lightbulb moment for getting backlinks from your direct competitors…

Go to a scraping tool like Screaming Frog or Sitebulb, scrape your competitor’s site & search for dead 404 backlinks, if the domain name is unregistered, buy it & rewrite the content the page had previously (which can be found on the wayback machine’s archive), then you find old whois data & use the same name servers as the old website had, you then internally link to your money page or alternatively you can go the other route and 301 the URL to a relevant page on your website.

Any thoughts if you think this linkbuilding strategy has legs & is viable in 2019?

The theory behind it is great. It’s what the crawlers in stuff like this are built to do – you give it a seed list of sites and it goes crawling (domcop has something very similar).

These generally resurface fully expired domains though – so they went through auction and didn’t get picked up. Odds are the link from the competitor is the only worthwhile link it has (or close to it) or someone would have scooped it up at auction.

Relevancy is the key here. It works as long as its done right.

Takes a ton of work and precautions to be on the safe side. Do it one at a time on long tail keywords for your money site.

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How To Get RICH SEO Clients Without Much Work In 2021

For small SEO agencies, freelancers that don’t put a ton of energy into their own SEO (whether it’s too competitive or you rely on word-of-mouth), I highly recommend LinkedIn for lead gen.

After optimizing my profile, I have been generating 3-5 leads from LinkedIn per week WITHOUT posting, and at a higher close rate than any other traffic source.

I think this is an awesome platform because the organic reach seems to be better than on Facebook and it doesn’t require constant posting like on Instagram (though I highly recommend staying active for better results).

There are also some pretty big players on the platform – I have landed some $10k+ SEO outreach gigs at major companies that you never see hanging out at Facebook or Instagram.

Have you seen solid results from LinkedIn lead gen?

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How To Make Sure You Get All The Power From Your Links

The idea is simple. Mention the same entities and categories on your guest posts and on your site as well.

The idea is to strengthen relevance between your guest posts and the pages on your site, i.e. external site writes about entity A which links to your page that also mentions entity A.

This can work perfectly if your PBNs are in a different niche than your money sites, as well as with guest posts.

A tool that can help with this

It takes the information from and presents it in a more digestible way.

If you have no clue what entities are, have a look at this article –

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80+ Growth Hacking Chrome Extensions You Should Know About

For Google Chrome users.

Download this *FREE* growth hacking extensions for Chrome to help you with digital marketing efforts! Add more if need be.

Enjoy my fellow black hatters!

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The Only SEO Checklist You Will Need in 2021

Pretty straightforward template.

It contains some well-known things you must do with your site. Even though it contains some basic stuff, I’d suggest keeping reading it as there could be things that you didn’t implement.

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Do Google Stacks Still Work In 2021? – Must See

Just search up for this keyword – rhinoplasty Plano

And see for yourselves.

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Domain Migration Checklist

This is the most complete checklist you can find online when doing a domain migration.


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BHW Special – SEO Outreach Cheatsheet

The following DOC file shows a very specific approach on how to get the best of the best, links in your niche.

It is around 2k words and it contains pretty much all the knowledge you need to have to get links within your niche.

If you don’t have the money to buy PBN links or guest posts, you should definitely take this approach and I am pretty sure you’ll get very good results.

Not just because I am sharing it, but I believe it is one of the most complete guides for outreach links, if not the most, you can find online.

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Pr Media Pitch Templates

Another file, that has some decent outreach templates that you can use to get free links.

Uploaded the file here –

I suppose you can download it as well.

If you’re into outreach, you should definitively check it out, as it contains some templates you haven’t heard before and aren’t shared on public blogs like