November 15, 2022

The best tips and tricks for PUBG on Android and IOS PUBG on Android and IOS is a reality. And while it's a bit harder to play than on PC, it's still a great option for those of us who have a better smartphone than PC or Xbox One. If you've played the game before, you probably already know your way around the maps and know the objective of the game. If you're new to PUBG, then this will do for you. Tired of running around with no objective and no strategy? Bored of dying relentlessly? Then here we bring you the best tips and tricks for PUBG on Android and IOS. The best tips and tricks for PUBG on Android and IOS What is PUBG? PUBG is an acronym for PlayerUnknow's Battlegrounds. It is an online multiplayer that focuses on Battle Royale mode. That is, you enter, fight against enemies and emerge victorious after a certain amount of time. In this game you will start in an airplane and you will be able to choose where to land. As soon as you land, your objective will be to get weapons and ammunition and start defending yourself and attacking enemies. You can play in teams or by yourself. This is a very basic explanation of the game. However, if you had doubts about what it was, this is a good introduction. If you want more, go and download the game. Once this is clear, let's continue with the tips. 1. Find the best landing spots As we mentioned, in the game you will start the game in an airplane. You will decide where and when to land. So the best option will be to start having favorite places to land. These places will have to be the most optimal so that you can get something to defend yourself with. The rule of the game is that the weapons are in the buildings. Of course, everyone will be looking for the buildings. Therefore it is preferable to land near a building. If someone has already entered the building where you landed, they will not hesitate to kill you. It is better to land close, be aware of the building and if you are sure that no one is there, enter. This brings us to the next trick. 2. At the start of the game, all the doors are closed This is a tip or a trick to know which buildings are safe. Is the door of that building already open? Someone already went in there and most likely has already left you with nothing, or is waiting to kill a few. 3. Go where the enemies land As I said, the best landing spot will be near the buildings. If you are one of the first to descend, don't wait until you reach the ground. Start looking around and at your map to see where everyone is landing. This will give you a big advantage over the others. By knowing where they landed you will be able to approach or flee from them with ease. 4. Control your map With the map you can see the enemies nearby, your landing sites and even where your friends are. Learn how to handle it and you will see that you will be able to overcome the enemies that are approaching when you hear them. The map can save your life if you learn to rely on it. Of course you also have to rely on your senses, that's why you must... 5. Listen If you're serious about PUBG for Android and IOS, then you have to learn to listen to the game. If you hear vehicles, gunshots or footsteps, you know someone is nearby. If you hear someone walking nearby, you can look at your map, determine where they've been, start moving and even surprise them before they know what killed them. 6. Height is your friend To survive in PUBG you will have to learn to use the roofs of buildings or high mountains to your advantage. By having the height, you will be able to see the other players and it will be easier for you to shoot them. Not to mention that you can have an element of surprise if they haven't seen you yet. 7. Open fields are your enemy Bridges or fields with rocks or trees will be bad places for you. You will be an easy target if you decide to walk in an open field where you can't take cover in case of an attack. Try to avoid them and also keep an eye out for them to see if someone decides to step over them. 8. Share If you are playing in a team, either with friends or strangers, don't hesitate to share your loot with your teammates. Even if they are strangers, they are in the same team. And it won't do you any good to stay alive if you run out of teammates. Help your teammates to survive and they can win.

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