November 12, 2022

10 Successful and Famous Entrepreneurs


Today I come with a list of the most successful and famous entrepreneurs in history, examples to follow because of their effort and sacrifice. They never gave up on their dreams, something we should all learn from.


The world moves thanks to companies, whether they are large multinational chains or small and humble local stores. And these would not be possible without their founders, visionaries who risked their time and money to create a dream that would bring added value to society.


1- Bill Gates


One of the richest men in the world. Bill Gates is the computer scientist and co-founder of Microsoft, one of the largest software companies in the world. His fortune is currently close to 80 billion dollars according to Forbes magazine.


Gates studied at a private school in Seattle, something that opened the doors for him to attend Harvard, where he would create Microsoft with his partner Paul Allen.


In 1980 he managed to sell his new operating system to IBM, something that would lead him, over the years, to create Microsoft Windows, the operating system that, today, is used in the vast majority of computers in the world.


His fortune has allowed him to carry out various charitable works and to create, together with his wife, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is dedicated to investing in health and education in the most disadvantaged places.


2- Paul Allen


Paul Allen is the founder, together with Bill Gates, of Microsoft. This American entrepreneur and visionary left the brand when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease.


When he returned, Gates had already gained all the power, and he had no choice but to look for new paths. He would create Vulcan Ventures, and participate in companies such as Priceline, Dreamworks, GoNet, and Oxygen.


3- Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in history. His tireless and innovative character led him to create a before and after in both mobile and computer technology.


Creator and co-founder of Apple, Jobs started in the garage of his house what would become one of the world's leading companies. With hard work and effort, he managed to give a boost and modernize personal computers.


The Macintosh 128K would be the first great invention of a series that still continues with the iPod and Iphone.


Unfortunately, due to pancreatic cancer, he passed away in 2011 at the age of 56.


4- Stephen Wozniak


Stephen Wozniak was next to Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple. His aspirations as an entrepreneur were the same as Jobs': both had the initiative and both started the project in the garage to develop their ideas.


Wozniak left Apple in February '85 to create a company called Cloud that focused on the development of remote controls.


5- Jeff Bezos


Jeff Bezos is no less than the fifth richest man in the world and the founder and CEO of the well-known online shopping website


His career as an electrical engineer sparked his interest in computers. In 1994 he created an online bookstore called, something that was transformed over time into what we know today as Amazon.


His idea was to be able to function as a catalog of books in which the user could enter and buy the one he wanted to have it at home within a few days.


Something that started with 2,000 visitors a day has become millions over the years.


6- Larry Page


Larry Page is co-founder, together with Sergey Brin, of the well-known Google search engine.


Page met Sergei at Stanford University, with whom he founded Google in 1998. Its impact was such that it now controls the most used search engine in the world, far ahead of its competitors.


Today he is the CEO of Alphabet, a company that controls both Google and other technology companies.


7- Sergey Brin


Brin was a fellow student of Larry Page and co-founder of Google. In the middle of his doctorate at Stanford University, he created Google.


The famous search engine made them leave their studies and start working on Google's technology. After almost 20 years working at Google, Sergey is the current president of Alphabet Inc.


Together with Page, he also gives several speeches in academic and business forums around the world.


8- Mark Zuckerberg


Zuckerberg, the billionaire creator of the social network Facebook had to deal with a multitude of problems before becoming successful. He has been denounced on several occasions for plagiarism and problems with his collaborators.


Despite this, his story begins in 2003, at Harvard, when he decided to carry out some small "tests" such as, a website that allowed him to rate the students of his university.


Its impact was such that a year later he created Facebook, today, it is the social network with more users in the world.


He is currently the youngest billionaire personality in the world with 34.2 billion dollars.


9- Walt Disney


Disney is the person with the most Oscars in the history of cinema and had a long road to the top.


It all started with his passion for drawing and cartoons, something that led him to work in an art studio. But it would not be until years later when he would create Laugh-O-Gram Films, Inc. a company dedicated to making short films for children, where he would create Alice in Wonderland.


Years later, a Hollywood production company became interested in his film and hired him to make more films.


His success came with the creation of Mickey Mouse, which made the press fall at his feet. The character was even awarded by the League of Nations as an International Symbol of Good Will.


From that moment on, new characters such as Goofy or Donald Duck were born, and with them, movies and the international recognition he enjoys today.


10- Henry Ford


Henry Ford was the founder of the Ford Motor Company. His initiative and revolutionary ideas led him to find one of the most famous car brands in the world.


His childhood as an apprentice machinist led him to be hired by a steam engine company and later as an engineer at the Edison Company.


After accumulating a great deal of experience in the world of machines, he created the Ford Motor Company. His cars would go down in history thanks to their revolutionary designs (such as putting the steering wheel on the left).


Likewise, the well-known word Fordism is attributed to him after he created a low-cost chain production method.


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