September 12, 2022


How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner Without a Bag in 8 Super Easy Steps.


Do you have a bagless vacuum cleaner at home too? It's true that these vacuums are very practical. Because you don't need to replace or buy bags every morning.Plus, these bagless vacuums are super easy to empty!

The only problem is that we don't really know how to clean this type of vacuum cleaner! And vacuum cleaner maintenance is important for it to be effective. But don't worry, it's quick and easy! Plus, with this cleaning, your vacuum cleaner will suck even better than before!


Here's how to clean a bagless vacuum in 8 easy steps: 

What you need 

- 1 garbage bag 

- scissors or scourer 

- cotton pads 

- 70º alcohol 

- 1 microfiber cloth or paper towel



Step 1: Empty the dustpan Emptying a vacuum cleaner is fairly simple. 

But if you have any difficulty, refer to the instructions. Press down on the lid and remove the dust container.
Empty the dust container into the garbage bag. Pro tip: to avoid getting it all over the place when emptying the dustpan, I recommend standing outside or in your garage. Otherwise, you're good to go for a sweep after cleaning your vacuum. If these photos were taken indoors, it would have been raining that day.


Step 2: Remove everything that can be removed! 

Disassemble the parts of the central part of the dustpan. For the curious, this is called a cyclone separator. Then clean all the parts under running water.Important: let all the parts of the cyclone separator dry before putting them back in the machine.


Step 3: Trim tangled hair

Use the sealer to carefully trim hair, string, and other dirt from around the roll or under the brush of your vacuum. Don't have a sealer? You can also use simple scissors. But be careful, don't scratch your beautiful vacuum cleaner!


Step 4: Disinfect the underside of the brush 

Using a piece of cotton soaked in 70º alcohol, rub the underside of the brush. The alcohol will quickly dry and disinfect your vacuum. Does this step seem unnecessary? Know that the brush is by far the dirtiest part of the vacuum cleaner! Of course, without taking into account the dirt inside the dustpan.

In fact, the underside of the vacuum cleaner comes in contact with ALL surfaces in the house... Including the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet! And then we meticulously drag that same brush into our bedrooms, living room, etc. Yuck! That's why it's important to remember to disinfect the underside of your vacuum cleaner brush.


Step 5: Wash the dustpan 

Clean the dustpan under running water in your sink, making sure to wash the rubber seals. Important: let the dustpan dry completely before putting it back in the vacuum cleaner.


Step 6: Wipe down the entire exterior 

Using the dampened microfiber cloth, wipe down all exterior parts of your vacuum. For even more effectiveness, you can add some of this multi-purpose cleaner to the cloth. Step 


7: Clean the filters 

In your sink, clean your vacuum's filter under running water, following the manufacturer's instructions carefully. On most bagless vacuums, the filters can be easily removed and rinsed out with water.
All you have to do is let the filter’s air dry. Important: Wait until the filters are completely dry before reassembling them on your vacuum cleaner. Indeed, if the filters are still wet, they can develop mold inside your vacuum cleaner.


Step 8: clean scratches 

Over time, small marks can appear on the plastic of vacuum cleaners... Here is THE extra touch to make your vacuum cleaner as clean as a whistle 🙂 The trick to quickly remove these scratches is to clean them with a piece of cotton soaked in 70º alcohol. Useful if you want to refresh your vacuum cleaner to resell it in a yard sale!


Some additional tips

  • Cleaning and maintenance of your vacuum cleaner can be done after each use or once a month.
  • Allow each cleaned part or accessory to dry thoroughly to prevent the growth of mold.
  • To remove scratches, use a cotton ball soaked in 70° alcohol. Rub lightly and let dry. This tip works for small scratches.


How to clean a bagless vacuum cleaner?

Do you have a bagless vacuum cleaner and are wondering how to clean it? Here are some tips on how to clean a bagless vacuum cleaner in a minimum of time. With these tips, you'll know how to maintain your bagless vacuum and get rid of the dust in your home.


Cleaning the Bagless Vacuum

The first step in maintenance is to empty the dust container. It is advisable to do this in a garbage bag and outside. This avoids spreading dust particles and bacteria inside your home. You don't have to wait until the collector is full before emptying it.


You should then disassemble any parts of the vacuum cleaner that may be dirty. Clean each part under running water and let them dry thoroughly before reassembling them in the unit. One of the parts to be cleaned is the air filter. There are two types of filters: washable filters that require cleaning under running water like other parts, and non-washable filters that should be replaced when worn.


Disinfecting the bagless vacuum cleaner

To keep the machine clean and functional, it is necessary to disinfect accessories such as brushes, tubes and hoses. It is necessary to cut the dirt clinging to the brushes. It is then important to disinfect them, as they are in contact with dirt from all surfaces in your home. 

You can do this in part with a cloth soaked in 70° alcohol. As for the handle, check that nothing clogs it. Then wash it in warm water with a little dishwashing liquid. Let it dry well before putting it back in place.


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