September 12, 2022

How to Make Toys for Cats With Recyclable Material


Cats love to play! Play behavior is an essential activity for their well-being since it inhibits acute and chronic stress. Kittens begin to play at around two weeks of age. 


First, they start by playing alone by trying to chase shadows. This behavior besides being very playful allows them to develop their muscle coordination.


Play behavior continues to be present throughout the cat's life and is very important for them! Especially in cases where cats live alone (without the presence of other felines), the guardian has a key role in promoting this behavior so it is healthy for cats. 


You must remember that you can never use your hands or feet to play with your cat, as this can stimulate his aggressive behavior. You should encourage your cat to use toys that are appropriate for him.


Apartment Cat Toys

Kitties that live indoors need more toys, not only to stimulate their natural hunting behavior but also to promote physical activity and thus prevent a very common problem in apartment cats, obesity.


Cats love to hide. Who has never seen a cat hiding in a box? After hours of playing, cats love a good nap. They usually seek out the tightest places to feel protected.


Indian tent

How about making an Indian tent for him? It's a great way to recycle old blankets you have at home! You will need

  • 1 old blanket
  • 60 cm of string
  • 5 wooden sticks or thin cardboard tubes (approximately 75 cm long)
  • Scissors for cutting fabric
  • Diaper pin


Start by cutting out the deck to make a semicircle. Alternatively, you can use any old rags lying around the house, the important thing is to recycle! To join the sticks together you can simply use string around them, going over and under each stick. 

Another effective way to attach them is to cut a hole in each stick and thread the string through the holes as well. The important thing is that you make sure the structure is secure! 


Then just place the blanket around the sticks and secure it with a diaper pin. Place a mat or pillow inside to make a comfortable bed. Your cat will love his new tent, and if you do your best and use beautiful fabric, it will look great in your home decor.


Now that you have a beautiful tent for your feline to rest in after playtime, let's show you some ideas for homemade toys for apartment cats.


Homemade toys for cats


Plastic bottle

Did you know that over 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year and that most of the plastic is never recycled and stays forever on our earth and in our oceans? Yes, it's true, so we should all reduce the use of plastic in our homes considerably!


A great solution to recycle those plastic bottles yourself is to turn them into a toy for your feline. In fact, you just need to put a little bell or something that makes noise inside the bottle. It sounds too simple, but your cat will think it's great, and will spend hours playing with the bottle!


Another excellent alternative is to put food or snacks inside the bottle and leave the lid open! Your cat will not rest until he gets all the pieces out of it. It's a very stimulating toy for your cat, because he has to understand how to get what's inside the bottle out, and every time he succeeds, he is rewarded with a tasty treat!



Everyone knows that cats are crazy about wands with feathers or strips on the end. When you go to the pet store you see a lot of different wands! Why not make a wand yourself at home with recycled materials?


You will only need:

  • Colored duct tape
  • Snack packet
  • A stick about 30 cm long


Yes, you read that right, you are going to recycle the snack packet that your fatso has already eaten! Start by cutting the packet into thin strips. Cut about 20 cm of glue tape and lay it out on the table with the glue side facing up. 


Place the side of the strip by side all along with the tape, leaving about 3 cm at each edge. Then place the end of the stick on top of one of the edges of the tape and start rolling! This toy is perfect for you and your cat to play with! 


You will be stimulating his hunting instinct, and at the same time you will be improving your relationship. Plus, you are helping the planet as you are recycling instead of buying a new toy!


How to make a homemade cat scratcher

There are several types of scratchers for cats. If you go into a pet store you can see the dozens of options available on the market. Also the prices are very variable, ranging from just a few dollars to completely absurd prices! There are options for all tastes and types and wallets.


We will teach you how to make a very simple one with cardboard, for which you will only need:

  • Glue
  • Stylus
  • Ruler
  • Cardboard box


Now follow these steps in order:

Start by cutting the cardboard box by the base, leaving about 5 cm high.

  • Then, with the help of the ruler and the stylus, cut several cardboard strips, all the length of the box base and 5 cm high.
  • Glue the cardboard strips to each other and fill the entire contents of the box.


If you want, you can use the base of a non-cardboard box, use whatever you have at home!


Toys cats like

Actually, cats can be weird about a lot of things, but when it comes to playing they are very simple. It is not very difficult to make toys that cats like. 

A cardboard box for a cat is like Disneyland for a child. In fact, by simply using cardboard you can make lots of toys for the cat and at ZERO cost! Use your imagination and some of our ideas to make economical toys for cats.


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