September 12, 2022

How to Make a Home for Dogs and Cats Recycled


See how you can accommodate your pet without spending too much! These are beautiful houses for dogs and cats made with recycled materials.


We often find very expensive houses on the internet or in pet shops. We know that many people besides not having money for this also have many dogs and cats. So here's the tip.


Besides, we all know that cats don't always like expensive toys at pet stores. They seem to like simple, casual toys better.


A simple paper ball can entertain a kitten more than those expensive and ornate pom-poms.


It is also possible to save a lot of money by not buying ready-made houses and making your pets happy. In these examples, we have houses with barrels, plastic boxes, and even old TVs and monitors. All of them are made with great care. Surely you will love them


One of the easiest examples to make is this little house using plastic basins bought at 1.99 stores. The union of two buckets/basins is enough to accommodate small and medium-sized dogs and cats. It can also be used as a mega litter box for kittens. Joining these bowls together is very simple and can be done with wire or plastic seals.


If you enjoyed this example, you will surely LOVE the others. Ready for the next examples?


According to veterinarians, one of the reasons why dogs and cats love these kinds of shelters is that they are protected from light, sound, and have privacy.


Why do they love shelters?

Especially cats, which are usually afraid. Because the act of hiding is instinctive and is a common action among small animals.


In addition, both cats and dogs are hunters by nature. Even if they are hunters they usually take shelter so as not to give away their position to prey and predators.


Dog and cat house with buckets, basins and barrels

Look how nice! With these barrels it is possible to create an infinite number of utensils for the animals, in addition to shelters.


You can make outdoor feeding troughs and even the famous cat toilet, where you can put the sand and the cats can put what they usually bury?


Virtually the entire surface of plastic boxes can be used. Just use fabric, cushions, even rugs, for example. And if you don't just have a pet, use a barrel that can be bought in old irons or building stores.


But don't worry! It doesn't have to be that ugly. You can give it a good coat of paint and decorate it as our pets deserve.


Dog and cat house with monitors

Now for some really cute ideas. Including that while you are looking at these images your fluorometer may explode.


After all, every post with a cat relaxing in its box shows how nice this kind of shelter can be for them. So don't just stand there, run to find an old monitor or TV and get to work.


We are in this world to guarantee the right of cats to be hipsters, just like this one with the vintage TV. Just put a little cushion on it and he will throw himself inside like a jet plane.


All you have to do is use your creativity to paint, light, and give all the comfort your pet deserves. Do you like it? 


If you liked these tips, you will certainly love these other posts that we prepared with other materials. For even though the theme is the same "house for dogs and cats", it is possible to travel in creativity and use totally unusual materials. Among these are shirts, boxes, baskets, and even suitcases, for example.


Here's how to make beautiful makeshift dog and cat houses


Since we love animals, we couldn't make just one, but two super fun posts about houses for pets. Because even those who don't have pets will want to have them just to play with these little houses.


Don't let your kitten play with your hands

Letting your kitten frolic with your hands is a fun game. Especially since she is still so small and her nails and teeth hardly hurt you. But unconsciously you are teaching your kitten behavior that later both of you may experience as unpleasant.


Only to pet

If you let your kitten play with your hands, you unintentionally teach her that you approve of her biting and scratching you. When she is older and stronger, biting and scratching will become painful. But unlearning this play behavior even then becomes very difficult.


Therefore use toys, such as a fishing rod or a ball to play with your kitten. This way she learns that your hands are only meant to stroke, cuddle and lift her.


Your hand is not a littermate

When they are 8 to 12 weeks old, kittens frolic a lot, training their hunting skills and learning each other's boundaries. This is called social play. If a kitten gets a too hard scratch or bite, she stops playing and walks away. 


This is how kittens teach each other that reacting too strongly will stop the game. Something they usually don't want. The mother cat also corrects her kittens when they play too rough.


A scratch or a bite?

If your kitten bites or scratches your hand during her play, she might be suffering from a form of aggression. This means that your kitten hasn't learned to moderate her play reactions properly. 


This could be because she was taken away from her mother and littermates too early, or because she was encouraged by people to play wildly.


But it could also be that your kitten is bored, because she has too few distractions. She will then direct her excess energy and/or frustration at you through wild play.


What to do in case of aggression?

If your kitten scratches or bites you in her play, correct her as her littermates would: Stop playing immediately and walk away. Put away any used toy. This way she will make a link between her biting behavior and an unwanted consequence. 


She bites or scratches, you stop playing. If necessary, keep repeating this calmly and patiently until she no longer bites or scratches.


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